Product Sourcing & Development

At Brand Stamp, our dynamic global supply chain excels in making unique concepts a reality.

With a dedicated team specialising in product development and sourcing, we bring extraordinary ideas to life.

Whether it's crafting a specific cap that captures your brand essence or diving into the world of branded beauty accessories like gua shas, jade rollers, and makeup removers, we've got you covered.

Our commitment extends beyond innovation; we assure quality, speed, and the ability to source or develop nearly any product your team envisions, ensuring your brand always stands out.

Our Process.

Step 1: Reach out to us, whether you have a specific product in mind or just a wild idea. We love hearing your thoughts and are skilled at coming up with creative concepts too.

Step 2: We'll tap into our global factory network, exploring various options and gathering all the necessary product details.

Step 3: Once we have all the information, we will send you a quote, designs and all relevant information.

Step 4: Give us your feedback! Whether it's about pricing, materials, or alignment with your vision, we value your input and will adapt accordingly.

Step 5: Once you're ready to move forward, we kick off production. We'll meticulously oversee every step.

Step 6: Your products will be delivered wherever you want in the world and you can show off your unique merch to your customers, team, or even your competition...

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Minimum Order Quantities

MOQs can vary with sourcing and product development, however, due to our great relationships with our factory network, we can usually acommodate any quantity you need.

Lead Times

Usually, products being manufactured overseas have a lead time of 30-35 days. If, however, you are really ahead of schedule, Brand Stamp can lenghten the lead time to reduce the price of your order further.

If sampling is required, please allow an additional 10-14 days.

Extra Costs?

At Brand Stamp, we are fully transparent with all costs and fees and price everything up on a case by case basis to ensure we're always giving you the best price given the ever chaging freight costs.

There no hidden fees, our pricing includes all set up fees, decoration fees and shipping.


We can absolutely create custom made samples for anything you need.

One thing to note with this though is that is adds about 10-14 days to the lead time due to the time needed to complete a fully custom sample.

Please note, there will be a sampling cost for any samples needed, which is usually fully refundable should the order be placed.


We are experts in branded merchandise and are always happy to lend a hand in the design process where we can.

We are not however graphic designers, so if you need a complex t-shirt print design from scratch, we have a great list of fantastic graphic designers who will be more than happy to provide a quote for the services required.

Case Studies


Our relationship with Snap is truly unique and we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what merch is to ensure they are at the forefront of their industry.

From silk eye masks, velvet jewellery boxes, beanies, branded gua shas, crochet bags, branded ribbon to leather luggage tags, passport holders, fries containers, and custom built caps we've worked collaboratively with the Snap team to create unique merch that's never been seen before.

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Brand Stamp was tasked by Chiquito with creating a very recognisable handbag for them to gift to important members of the food press.

The brief was clear and Chiquito's key goals were:

  • Vegan leather.
  • Made in Chiquito brand colours.
  • High quality manufacturing
  • Delivered in 30 days

Brand Stamp delivered on all of the above.

Create your dream product

Deliciously Ella Beanies, Caps and Socks

Deliciously Ella has long been a pioneer in the realm of plant-based products, with many rightly considering them the trailblazers that defined the landscape in the UK.

The Deliciously Ella team tasked us with creating a range products, but, one item in particular took a mammoth effort from the Brand Stamp team... the beanie.

Deliciously Ella envisioned a super-premium cotton-acrylic blend beanie (non-wool for obvious reasons), following the trend of oversized beanies dominating the retail space. The challenge? A mere 14-day window for product development. Undeterred, we delivered four samples, continuously refining the product until achieving the stellar final version within the tight timeframe.

Given a 30-day window, we successfully turned around 4,000 products, surpassing the tight deadline by 4 days and the team at Deliciously Ella couldn't have been happier.

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Blank Street Socks

If you're based in London, and you haven't seen Blank Street's epic expansion, where have you been hiding?

Since day one, Brand Stamp has been trusted to create all of Blank Street's retail merch.

One of their signature products is the socks. From our initial discussion, it was clear that Blank Street didn't want just any socks—they were in search of the best, most fun, and standout socks possible. Naturally, we happily obliged to me

Two years and over 7,500 pairs of socks later, these have become a cult icon.

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